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PP pipe production line | What is Polypropylene?

خط تولید لوله سبز ( پلی پروپیلن )

پلی پروپیلن چیست؟ History polypropylene

Formed by the polymerization of propylene and polypropylene compared to other plastic materials have been discovered recently. Polypropylene was invented in 1950 by Fontana with an irregular structure with high molecular weight is determined. Great success in the industry and are made ​​of polypropylene, polypropylene is one cosmetic that was invented in 1954 by Natta Jyvlyv. Polypropylene in order to find a side-chain methyl radicals, is a cosmetic one. In 1957, production of polypropylene under the brand name "Mvpln" (MOPLEN) by Mvntdysvn started. After that, production and trade of products by other companies in Europe, the USA and Japan began.

پلی پروپیلن چیست؟ What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene (PP) is one of several derivatives of propylene (CH3-CH = CH2) is. Polymers, depending on the polymerization catalyst used, regular or irregular combination of the show. When atoms combine regular polymers such as polypropylene cosmetics have a single, easy-to-crystal polymers (crystalline) in the body. When the crystals have not converted. In fact, propylene, depending on the macromolecules themselves, there are many different types of applications. They are under the influence of the molecular chain structure and molecular weight, respectively. Polymer structure (PP Tak Beauty and Makeup) can be crystalline, not melt at high temperatures and good mechanical properties to show. In other words, polypropylene without makeup (an irregular combination of atoms) are not crystal elastic properties that are not practical uses. Plastic known for its heat due to its ease of shaping and molding temperature is. Polypropylene plastic is converted to heat, and when it cools, it becomes solid. The characteristics of the particles are produced by injection molding, vacuum forming Rosen navigation and allows for it.

پلی پروپیلن چیست؟ Three types of polypropylene:
What is Polypropylene? Homoplymer:

This material is obtained by polymerization of propylene.
What is Polypropylene? Block (batch) copolymer:

Certain amounts of propylene and ethylene polymerization of the material obtained. In the case of propylene and ethylene exposure because the molecules in the polymer chain as a group, it is a feature of polyethylene and polypropylene.
What is Polypropylene? Random (amorphous) copolymer:

The specific amounts of propylene and ethylene polymerization of the molecules obtained from the rough-and-tumble form.



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