PVC Flooring Sheet Production Line چاپ
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خط تولید ورق کفپوش خط تولید ورق کفپوش


PVC Flooring Sheet Production Line

Output by product line, due to high demand with similar wood parquet production in terms of color and design is similar to parquet and laminated with a more reasonable price.
Easily installed and replaced, has good strength and is usually for flooring in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, sports venues, etc. are used.

Advantages of sheet flooring
- Transport and setup is quick and easy
- Resistant to heat- and acid
- washed with water and detergent
- Variety of designs, models and colors
- Quality and Durable
- Resistant to abrasion and indentation
- Antistatic properties
- With antibacterial for installation in hospitals and pharmacies.






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