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البرز ماشین جی


Alborz Machine Jey Company is a member of the Plastics Machineries Manufacturer Association, with the symbol AMJ, since 1370, with the goal of independence and prosperity of the industry and the number of 20 employees, began making instruments and machines for plastics industry.
Now, after more than two decades of continuous activity, with 180 employees, and thanks to the efforts and ideas of the great God and our specialists has In addition to provide a large part of the machinery and equipment needed in the polymer industry, Some of our products is exported to other countries, including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Venezuela, and ... issue.
It should be noted every year my company has participated in all international exhibitions and attended in Chinaplast exhibitions As the Iranian Company has added a great deal to its honors and with its local experienced skilful staff emulates foreign companies from the aspect of designing and technology.
Alborz Machine Jay’s production are as follows:
- PE Pipe Production Line (16 - 1200 mm)
- PP Pipe Production Line (20 - 110 mm)
- PVC Pipe Production Line (20 - 400 mm)
- PVC Wall Panels & UPVC Window & Door Profile Production Line (the first manufacturer in Iran)
-  Sheet Extrusion Line
- PS Foam Sheet Extrusion Line
- Drip Irrigation Tape Production Line (first manufacturer in Iran)
- Mixer, Plastic Crusher , Grinding Machines of UPVC , PVC
- Laminate & Foil Slitting Machine, Print & UV Machine (the first manufacturer in Iran)
- Spare parts such as screw & Barrel, Gearboxes ,Forming of Drip Irrigation and PE Regulated Caliber
- Types of Mould of Pipes PE, PP, PVC, UPVC Profile, AC Duct, Wall Panel, Sheet...

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