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البرز ماشین جی | علیرضا چاوشی

In The Name Of God
Abbreviated to A.M.J , Alborz Machine Jey Industrial Group has put the manufacture of machineries of the plastic industry on its agenda since 1991 aiming at the independence and prosperity of the domestic industry. Now after over 2 decades of incessant activity, supported by the almighty and its specialists’ experts’ and personnel’s efforts and thoughts, the group has been able to supply a great deal of iran’s polymer industries’ machineries and export some of its products.
The company management and personnel are proud of founding their intellectual perspective and mental effort based on the richness of technical knowledge of its crew and based on constructive interactions with customers as the major and the most sustainable assent of the company.
Supported by the lord. We are determined to utilize our experiences to continuously promote our products quality and add a golden leaf in the honors of our beloved native land.
Hope for when our esteemed authorities and dear customers provide us with their precious constructive opinions and help us fulfill the above mentioned objectives.


Managing Director and Board of Directors President

Alireza Chavoshi

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